Recent Concerts:

Sacrées Journées de Strasbourg (October - November 2015)

July 2015 - Chichester Festival

June 2015 - Montefiore Heritage Day Concert, Ramsgate

London Jewish Cultural Centre, December 2014

June 2014, Montefiore Heritage Day Concert, Ramsgate

Singing for the Lord Mayor of London (with Marc Finer and Benjamin Cahn)

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You can also buy our first album (live at the Spiro Ark). Classic barbershop, Jewish music and comic songs. Click below to download the album.

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Much of our music is unique to bOYbershop. We sing comic songs, Jewish music and more classic close harmony. See the homepage for 'Fifty Shades of Hay'. Here is another comic number:

And here is the Jewish Cowgirl on YouTube and as an audio track:

Jewish Cowgirl by bOYbershop

We specialise in Jewish music. Here is a Sephardi love song arranged by Benjamin Wolf:

We also sing close harmony and barbershop music by other composers:

A fun arrangement of the old English folksong

An arrangement of an old favourite made by John Caithness

And we sing a wide variety of Jewish music. The following tracks are quartet arrangements of well-known Jewish melodies:

 Shir Hamaalot by bOYbershop

Rosenblatt's well-known setting of this Psalm of Ascents, arranged by Raymond Goldstein.

Y'did Nefesh by bOYbershop

A Sephardi melody for this Shabbat song, arranged by Raymond Goldstein. From the repertoire of the Great Synagogue in Jerusalem.